Our Terms & Conditions

Unfortunately Slice3D cannot except any faults in any models supplied arising from incorrect design or the wrong materials being selected by the client to make their model.

Great care is taken with ever order received and treated with exacting standards all models are inspected for quality prior to shipping. In exceptional circumstances it is possible for you package to become damaged in the post. If on receiving you model you think there is a fault please don’t hesitate to call us, so that we are able to assess the fault and correct the problem. Contact us.

All information we receive is treated with the strictest of confidence.

Any information we get from you will be held on our data base for a duration of thirty days from receipt and then erased.

All quotations received by you from Slice3D will be valid for a period of thirty days from the date you receive them.

You may require that as a third party you wish Slice3D to sign a confidentiality agreement if this is a requirement, please contact us via phone Tel: 01782641586. Alternatively contact us via E-mail/PDF or by post. Papers will be signed and returned prior to us receiving any files from you.

Contact us at E-mail enquiries@slice3d.co.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 01782 641 586


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