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What to expect from slice3D

Slice3D is primarily a rapid prototyping 3D printing company. We offer friendly advice on model design and material advice for free, just call us if you need any advice on producing your prototype for 3D printing.

Here at Slice3d we like to think we provide a 3D printing service that is second to none; printing a high quality low cost model in record time, is an absolute priority to us. We try our very best to fulfil every order as quickly and efficiently as possible, in fact our customers have often said they think we are faster than Amazon( this is subject to demand of course), often producing your model the same day as you order it, despatching for next day delivery; When possible! 

UK 3D printing

Here at slice3d we are very proud of the fact that we are amongst a very few 3D printer bureaus in the UK that are able to offer two different print resolutions, Ultra fine Resolution at just 16 micron layer thickness, that’s really fine if you consider a red blood cell measures 7.2 microns. We also offer a medium resolution which gives a great finish at 28 micron layer thickness half the size of a human hair, this option is the cheaper of the two resolutions we offer as it prints twice as fast as the fine.

I’m thinking of getting my model printed.

Ok, you have designed your model and you’re ready to get it printed by a rapid prototyping 3D printing company. A few basic things to check before you send us your .STL file; did you know that your model has to be, what we refer to as water tight, this basically means If your model has a hole in its skin due to a fault in the STL file it is not suitable for the 3D printing process quite yet, this in our experience is usually due to faults generated when filleting edges on your model; Perhaps performing a regular volume check as you work through your design could save a lot of problems down the line, by rule of thumb if your cad system gives you a volume figure when you run this check your models integrity should be fine and be water tight. One more thing, you wouldn’t believe how many customers send us the wrong file, so it’s worth one last check to make sure you are sending the right file. 

If after checking your model it still has a fault and you’ve tried everything to fix it, send it to us, we will take a look for you to see if we can help.

What happens when I ask for a quote?

There are two ways of sending your model to slice3d, either upload your .STL file via our website on our get a quote page or if you prefer send your file direct to us at enquiries@slice3d.co.uk

Get a free quote

We will first check your file just to make sure it is printable then we will analyze the models volume this gives us an indication of how much material it will use and how long it will take to print, with this information we are then able to work out a price for producing the part for you. We try to respond within the hour to any quote enquiry you send us. We will email you a quote, on your quote will be two prices, a cost for Medium resolution and a cost for Fine resolution. Your quote is valid for 30 days from the day of receipt.

STL File correction

At slice3D we check every file for errors prior to printing, if we find a small amount of errors, ones that we can correct quickly without changing the integrity of the model, we will do, free of charge. You may want to try this yourself, Netfab. If however we cannot fix your file we will email you a jpeg image of the faults we have detected.

How do I place an order?

It’s easy to place an order, just go to our order form, Fill in all the required boxes, if you don’t have a PO number don’t worry miss this out, what is important is the quote reference number that appears on the quote we sent you, with this we can call up the file with your details, the model and the price. You may prefer to send your order direct to us and ask a question or two that’s fine, send your order direct to us at enquiries@slice3d.co.uk using the ref: number that appears on the quote we sent you.

How do I pay?

That’s pretty straight forward too, you can send us payment via pay pal, by cheque, or pay direct via your bank to our bank. All the bank numbery stuff can be found here.

How long will it take?

When you receive a quote it will indicate an estimated delivery time on it. The time it takes to produce your model is dependent on its size and volume. Generally speaking the bigger the model the more material it will use and the longer it will take to print.

What happens to my model when it has printed?

Once your model has been printed it is removed from the printer bed for cleaning, this is done with high pressure water jets that remove the soft support resin from the print leaving the hard cured model resin behind the last stage of the cleaning process is the sodium hydroxide, ultra sonic bath, this strips the model of any minute bits of support that are left.  Your model is then dried and given a final inspection before being wrapped to prevent damage. Then it is despatched to your preferred shipping address.

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