Fullcure RDG720 Semi Transparent

Slice3d is one of the few 3D printing bureau organizations in the UK that can offer Fullcure Semi Transparent.This material is the original material developed for Objet 3D Printers, a semi translucent acrylic-based photopolymer material. FullCure Transparent is suitable for a wide range of rigid models, particularly where visibility of liquid flow or internal details is needed for your prototype. Here at Slice3d, 720 Semi Transparent, in our opinion gives a great general all round performance. This material is Slice3d default material.

 Key features of 720 Transparent are


720 Transparent
Mechanical Prototype

  • Great all-rounder for 3D printing, Rapid prototyping.
  • Enables visibility of liquid flow and internal details
  • Elongation at break of 20% enables most functional applications
  • Good impact strength
  • Model surfaces readily absorbs paint without additional processing
    Material can be machined, drilled, Polished, chrome-plated

    Painted, colour stained or used for mould design




Results in Metric Units

Results in Imperial Units

Tensile Strength D-638-03 MPa 60.3 psi 8744
Modulus of Elasticity D-638-04 MPa 2870 psi 416150
Elongation at Break D-638-05 % 20 % 20
Flexural Strength D-790-03 MPa 75.8 psi 10991
Flexural Modulus D-790-04 MPa 1718 psi 249110
Compressive Strength D-695-02 MPa 84.3 psi 12224
Izod Notched Impact D-256-06 J/m 21.3 ft lb/in 0.40
Shore Hardness Scale D Scale D 83 Scale D 83
Rockwell Hardness Scale M Scale M 81 Scale M 81
HDT at 0.45 MPa D-648-06 ºC 48.4 ºF 119
HDT at 1.82MPa D-648-07 ºC 44.4 ºF 112
Tg DMA, E” ºC 48.7 ºF 120
Ash Content NA % <0.01 % <0.01
Water Absorption D570-98 24 Hr % 1.53 % 1.53


If our default material is deemed unsuitable for your application, please don’t hesitate to call our helpful and friendly staff regarding your requirements, our details can be found here contact us


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