FullCure FLX950 Tango Grey

Tango Gray is a rubber like flexible material which enables models to be printed, that closely resemble the “actual feel” of flexible target products; generally this is any part that requires semi flexibility.

Slice3d is a 3D printing bureau based in the UK that can offer Tango Gray. This material enables a realistic rubber/silicon feel and easily stretches to fit onto other parts. Tango Gray has a slightly harder and stiffer feel than its counterpart Tango black. It is still quite a flexible material with a hardness of 75 on the Shore Scale A, providing more controlled flexibility and elasticity in your prototype.

This material would be suitable for replicating a stiff shoe soles, hard hand grip, over mouldings, inlays, Gaskets and silicon cookware. This material can only be printed in our medium resolution option.


Tango Grey, Prototype
(Only available in Medium resolution)


Tango Grey, Model

Key Advantages: 

  • Rubber-like flexible material semi soft to the touch
  • Provides a realistic feel of rubber and silicon and enables model parts that stretch easily to fit with other parts.
  • flexibility and hardness levels – Tango Gray (Elongation at break of 47% and 75 Shore Scale A)
  • Good wear characteristics.
  • Good living hinge applications.
FullCure FLX950   Tango Gray


Results (Metric)

Results (Imperial)

Tensile Strength


MPa 4.36 psi 632
Elongation at Break


% 47 % 47.0
Compressive Set


% 1 % 1
Shore A Hardness


Scale A 75 Scale A 75
Tensile Tear Resistance


Kg/cm 9.5 Lb/in 54


ºC 2.6 ºF 37

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