At Slice3D we offer a professional 3D printing only service

Slice3D opened for business early 2011 and have grown steadily. We offer a 3D printing service only, what we mean by this is that we don’t paint or assemble, we just print. Unlike other bureaus we have a great selection of materials to print with; these include two types of rubber also a polypropylene mimic which is great for things like living hinges.

To us its all about 3d printing, Our promise to you is to deliver the very best we can.

 We print many model prototypes for customers around the world, these range from medical parts to the latest design concept.

Uses of 3D printing

3D printing is a fantastic medium for demonstrating your ideas, it enables you to visualise the design and ergonomics in the early stages, the product is so accurate you can test form and fit prior to production. A great asset!                                                                                                                                              

Just to clear up any confusion the printers we use are amongst the best in the world today. The quality cannot be compared to the mass of cheaper home 3D printers and services on offer. If you are serious about design and accuracy we promise we have the gear to do the job!

We use a technology called polyjet 3D printing, utilizing the Eden 350v printer from stratasys. This 3D printer allows us to print very fine detail with an unrivalled accuracy and surface finish.

The good news is we print for anybody, companies or individuals. We check every model for faults prior to printing this save you money; this service is free, yay!

Need to know more about 3d printing check out our 3D library.

 All you do is send your design big or small, we send you a quote, when you are ready, we print your model and then ship it to you. How easy is that?

 If you are new to the 3D printing process take a quick look at our 3D library this should get you underway and answer a few questions you may have. If you need more information give us a call, we are really friendly and love a good chin Wagg!


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