Rubber Parts

3D prints rubber parts

Build your parts in rubber, yes! Rubber (mimic) Slice3D is one of the few 3D printing bureaus that offer 3D prints in two types of rubber material. Your parts will be completely flexible and soft; customers have found rubber is great for applications like the gator featured on the right hand side of the page, model tyres, Custom phone covers, patterned inlays for soft touch hand grips, helmet straps or company rubber stamps etc. Rubber takes you one step closer to achieving the best most realistic prototype that you can enabling the real feel of soft inlays on tool handles for instance or maybe a custom shaped flexible latex like tube for transferring fluid around a complicated shape.3D prints rubber parts has proved a great success and are regularly used for many applications.

3D prints rubber parts

The rubber we offer comes in two different shores strengths and flexibility, the first type being a semi rigid type rubber Tango Grey; this is popular with shoe ware designers and is also used a lot for small model wheels and toy’s etc. The second type of rubber is a soft like latex, Tango black this type of rubber is softer than Tango grey with a lot more flexibility to it and is black in colour.3D prints rubber parts can only be produced in the medium resolution we offer, this is due to the viscosity of the material at spray point. The models produced have all the accuracy of the rigid resins, such as Vero white and vero black, what you get is a superbly accurate 3D print with great surface definition.

3D Printing Rubber

Rubber parts give greater flexibility to your designs, lifting limitations, getting you closer to the perfect prototype. Please remember lead times for your part may increase when ordering any of the rubber type materials we offer, also 3D printing using rubber as a material does cost slightly more than the rigid type material that we supply.

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