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3D Printing is a great way to express your ideas and designs. Slice3D is amongst one of the few 3D printing bureau organisations in the UK that can offer two types of resolution, Medium resolution and Ultra fine resolution. Whichever resolution you choose, you will receive a superior 3D print.

3D printing is by far the best way to present your idea or design in the way of a perfect physical object. Take the case of this watch, the designer was looking for a way to impress his potential customer, something that would make his design and presentation stand out from the crowd; his design had particular style characteristics that drawings alone would not purvey to his client.




High Resolution 3D Printing Service

We were asked if it was possible to print the design, so that a working mechanism could be retro fitted, our answer was yes! That would be no problem. In fact any 3D print from our machine is supremely accurate and holds a very fine tolerance; we advised that as long as the measurements of the time mechanism to be retrofitted were accurate, our 3D printer was more than capable of producing the model.

The watch was printed in one piece, cleaned and polished and despatched within a day, to the designer, as it happens the designers client had brought the meeting forward a day or two, so the designer had to resort to plan B, which was to print without the mech and go with a 3D print of the whole thing, this version included the face and the hands of the watch. Which we thought looked Superb. One week later we received an E-mail from the designer of the watch expressing his gratitude for the fantastic 3D print , he went on to tell us how the model blew everybody away, mainly for the look of the design and the fact they could actually wear the 3Dprint, using a functional clip and strap mechanism. “It stole the show”. Needless to say he got the job, with a little help from our 3D printing service.

Many different designs can be printed using Stratasys 3D printing machines. They really are a class leading 3D printer.
If you have an idea for a design, feel free to contact our friendly staff, we will be able to answer any questions you may have on 3D printing.


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