Custom Parts

3D prints of custom parts

3D printing opens up a whole new world if you consider that a large majority of items can be replicated either by reverse engineering the part from the original what we mean by this is to measure every angle length and facet to input in to a CAD system to replicate the part manually in digital format or the easier option of scanning the part to create the 3D print file, both methods giving you the option to customise what you have with pretty much any shape or surface finish you desire.

3D Prints of Custom Parts
As an example a customer recently came to us enquiring if we could make a part for him using our 3Dprinter. We took a look at the part and after a consultation with the customer regarding strength and loading and of course material choice; we went ahead and printed the part which turned out really well. The customer was a keen motor cycle enthusiast and was renovating a 1953 French mobellete scooter/moped that he came across in a French barn while out for a walk on holiday. The part was to replace a head light bracket on the machine, as the old one had given up the ghost and turned to dust. We printed the part and despatched it within a day, much to the surprise of the customer.

He recently contacted Slice3D to thank us for our help and included a picture of the finished part, he went on to say that the part was perfect and looked great with a coat of paint and chrome plate. Many parts can be designed and made using 3D printing we have had customers making parts for their lawn mowers, Baby buggies, all sorts with many different materials to choose from. So you have no need to throw away a broken item again, may be look into making 3d prints of custom parts and who knows add your own little twist to them.


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