Mechanical Models

3D Prints Mechanical Models

Here is a great example of 3D prints mechanical models. The model its self has many different parts to the key board. The main reasons for making the model was to test both the feel of the keys when pressed were just right and that the ergonomic shape worked well with user trials.

3D Printing Objects

As it turned out the model key board revealed some interesting data whilst the user studies were in progress, one problem that was found was the rake angle of the keys to the user’s wrist, making it uncomfortable to use for periods longer than 40 minutes at a time, also the keys were deemed to be just a little firm for most people to use. With this information the manufactures made the relevant changes to the design and the new key board passed with flying colours in the next user study.

The model was printed using Vero black material then it was spray painted and Letraset print was applied, a coat of clear matt lacquer was applied as a final coat to seal the model as it is very slightly hygroscopic. This model was one of the more challenging models we have produced as every key had its own individual scissor type mechanism. This model is a clear example of how the 3d printing process speeds up time to market and also allows for invaluable testing. The total turnaround time for producing well over one hundred parts was five days.

The keyboard now takes pride of place in the company show case in their main reception. A great success! This was a good example of how 3D printing can work, not only did it identify floors in the design, it also saved the company from wasting a lot of money and we mean a lot of money, by going straight into plastic injection tooling.

If you have a requirement for 3D prints mechanical models we are just a call away.