3D Prints Jewellery
Slice3D is amongst one of the few 3D printing bureau organisations in the UK that can offer two types of resolution, Medium resolution and Ultra fine resolution. Whichever resolution you choose, you will receive a superior 3D print.



Many Customers make and 3D print their own jewellery, using 3D printing, the most popular being rings, bracelets or pendants. The parts printed are in one colour, usually white and show very fine detail, owing to Stratasys 3D printing systems we use here at Slice3D.

Many customers tell us that they colour their models with a dye known as Fiebings leather stain. We prepared a section to show how this is done. Colour staining is a really simple way of enhancing your 3D print creation, by adding colour and vibrancy with reds, purples and aqua marine, or if you prefer, maybe apply paint to add that finishing touch to your design.

When you design your piece of jewellery you could try making a mount to take a manufactured jewel, this looks great. If you really want to go the next level, how about metal plating your 3d print in chrome this can make it look like the real thing.

Remember, anything you can think of can be printed on a 3d printer!

You can make rings with an elaborate dragons head or maybe a flying bird! Who knows the sky is the limit with 3D prints.


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