Model Printing Applications

3D Model Printing 

3d Printing is a great way to express your ideas and designs. Slice3D is amongst one of the few 3D printing bureau organisations in the UK that can offer two types of resolution, Medium resolution and Ultra fine resolution. Whichever resolution you choose, you will receive a superior 3D print. 3d model printing is by far the best way to present your idea or design in the way of a perfect physical object. Below is a model that demonstrates the very fine detail and surface complexity that can be achieved, the level of complexity has no bearing on the cost of producing the 3D print. The model that is presented below was printed in one go along with the very fine teeth that are present. This model was designed using a program call z-Brush; this is great software for sculpting clay like objects.

3D Modelling Applications

We printed the dinosaur head in Tango grey; this material gives a slight flex to the part. Once the model had been printed, a silicone mould was taken from the master and produced in large volumes for resale.

Tango Grey is a very versatile material with many applications for 3d model printing. Tango Grey has quite a degree of flex but it is stiff by nature if we were to liken it to a product it would probably have to be a shoe sole as we print for a shoe manufacture and this material is their material of choice, giving good flex and durability.

Tango grey is slightly more expensive than the rigid materials we are able to supply; this is due to difficulties of manufacturing the product.

Here at slice3D we are able to offer our clients two types of rubber a Tango Grey and also a Tango black, this material belongs to the same family but by nature is a lot more flexible and can be stretched much further Tango black is ideal for 3d model printing, prototype toys and over moulds on tool hand grips.

3D Printing Models

Check out the fantastic detail that can be achieved with 3D printing.
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3D model printing

Tango Grey

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