Custom Mechanical Parts

3D Prints Custom Mechanical Parts

3D prints custom mechanical parts. Good news, manufacturing never got more straight forward. It is so easy to get 3D printed custom mechanical parts. What you send is exactly what you get back very accurate 3D printed custom mechanical parts, durable acrylic resin that can be chrome plated, spray painted or colour stained.

Ideal for one off parts or small production runs. You may want to replace broken parts or parts to make up a complex mechanical prototype; 3D printed part fits the bill. When you choose the option to 3D print your part, did you know that the part is not priced on the level of complexity, every part is priced in the same way whether it be a simple square or a carburettor from a car you only get charged for the amount of material that your model uses and the time it takes to print it, most companies charge by using a bounding box around your model and charge for material you have not used.

Here at slice3D we very often have our own little projects running for example we have designed a set of new blades for the office micro helicopter as we crash it all the time, they work great and only take minutes to print so they work out really cheap. Also parts for the lawn mower and believe it or not a customized fridge door handle, this was created with loads of cartoon characters imbedded into the body, it turned out really well and the kid’s love it.

Here at slice3d we have not come across any model that could not be 3D printed and we have seen a few, so if 3D printed custom mechanical parts is what you need and you want to progress an idea that has been sat in your head for ever you have no excuse, why not turn it into reality.



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