Step 1 Select: Select part .. file .. save as or save selected part. 3d printing files

Step 2 Select: Change file type to .STL

Step 3 Select: At option, select Binary

Step 4 Select: Choose detail control from the Mesh options 

Step 5 Select:  In Mesh options choose Max Angle 20, Max aspect ratio 6, Min edge Length 0.0001

                          Maximum distance, edge to surface: 0.001.

Step 6 Select:  Click OK

Solid works

Step 1 Select:   File … Save As

Step 2 Select:   Set Save As Type … STL

Step 3 Select:   Options … Fine … OK

Step4  Select:    Save

If your model needs a smoother looking finish:

Changing STL settings:

Step 1  Select: File … Save As

Step 2 Select:  STL …  Options

Step 3 Select: Custom

Step 4 Select:  Change the deviation to 0.0005in (0.01 mm)

Step 5 Select: Change the angle to 5   Note: Smaller deviations and angles will produce a smoother finish or file,                                                              

                           But Remember your file will increase in size.

Iron CAD

Step 1 Select: Select your part by right clicking on it

Step 2 Select: Part properties..Rendering

Step 3 Select: Set the surface facet smoothing to 140/150

Step 4 Select:  File, then Export

Step 5 Select:  .STL  


Pro Engineer

Step 1 Select:   Step1File > Export > Model

Step 2 Select:   STL

Step 3 Select:   Set chord height to 0. The field will be replaced by minimum acceptable value.

Step 4 Select:   Set Angle Control to 1

Step 5 Select:   OK


Solid Edge

Step 1 Select: pen Model & select File > Save As

Step 2 Select: Select File type as STL

Step 3 Select: Options > conversion tolerance to 0.015 mm

Step 4 Select: Surface Plane Angle > 45°

Step 5 Select:  Select Binary type and OK

Step 6 Select:  Name & Save your STL file


Auto Desk Inventor

Step 1 Select: Go to the File menu, then select the ‘Save Copy As’ option

Step 2 Select: Select STL from the Types drop-down menu

Step 3 Select: Click the Options button, and choose the High detail level

Step 4 Select: Click the Save Button


Google sketchup

To use Google sketch up to save as an .STL file, a plug in software can be found at the following site:



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