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Slice 3D printing bureau operates one of the finest Polyjet 3D printing systems from Stratasys available today. The Stratasys 350v 3D Printing system gives unique benefits to us as a 3D printing bureau. We are able to offer our customers on line 3D printing with two different layer resolutions, Ultra fine 16micron layer for exquisite definition and surface finish, plus a minimum ultra thin wall thickness of just 0.6mm as well as our regular medium print at 28 micron layer resolution (Our cheapest 3D print option), which gives fantastic detail and accuracy to your 3D print.


Stratasys 350v

This 3D printing system allows us to operate a 3D printing service, providing high quality 3D prints quickly and conveniently from the CAD/CAM process. Our machine offers a printing bed measuring 350 x 350 x 200 mm giving plenty of space for your model; if you are wondering what the V stands for it signifies velocity, twice the printing speed of others in the range. Features Unique to this printers characteristics, it is able to print many different models at the same time, it can run for an incredible 72 hrs unattended, and there are many different materials you can make your model in too, many types of rigid material and four types of rubber!

3D printing machines

The printer weighs in at an impressive 500 kg and stands well over waist height; its a real quality machine.

When printing with a Stratasys 3D printing system you are assured of robust 3D printed models, manufactured from acrylic resin, with superlative surface finish and accuracy, which ever resolution you choose, guaranteed!


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