The Order Process

Bits & Pieces to consider before you upload you file for a quote  (3d printing online)

We have written this page to help you decide to place your order.

1. Things to check

First of all save your model as an STL file. Below is a really useful page to look at if you are in any doubts as to what resolution you should save your model in to get the best results.
Save your part for a 3D printer

CAD Help

2. Next check your STL file

Ok now you’ve saved your model as an STL file it’s a good idea to check your file for any faults, what we mean by this, is that when a STL file is created, occasionally parts of the mesh that have been generated can be missing, have overlapping Triangles, Reversed normal’s, Bad edges, Holes in the mesh, and Noise shells. This is usually attributed to the design of the CAD model. (Don’t be afraid).

The faults in your mesh would be seen as a fault by our printing software, having said this we can still very often print your file but it will have small flaws in the final printed model. Here’s what you can do to check it yourself, Note if we have to do it, this can take us time and there will be an extra charge.

Here is a link to a Free software, we recommend to help fix you STLfile

When you get to this page click download Netffab basic studio button (its free no catches).

You are presented with a form to fill in; if you want to fill in the form you can, if you don’t, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the down load button once again. Click on the netfabb Installer (exe) Download the file.

Once you have opened Netfab, click on project (top left) open. Load your file. Click your model to highlight it, it turns green, click on the Red Cross on the tool bar, end, top right. Check the bottom right corner box, click auto repair button, click Default repair (highlighted) and then click execute, this will check your model and repair any faults with your STL file. Last but not least, click on the add repair button, bottom right and then save your file. That’s it your done!

3. Go to Get a quote fill in the order form, up load your file, we will send you a quote with two prices on it, one for medium resolution and one for fine resolution.

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