How we work out the price

Cost of 3D Printing

We work out the price of your model by calculating the volume of the body, this tells us exactly how much material it will take to manufacture your part, another factor in the calculation is how long the print will take to build as it builds layer on top of layer. Cost of 3D Printing

Two materials are used in the 3D printing process, Acrylic resin (the model body) and support material (soft wash away resin). The cost of the Acrylic resin and the support material are applied to the calculation, this cost relates directly to how much resin is used to build your model. The acrylic resin being the more expensive of the two.

An example:

Two model shapes, both identical but facing different ways one up one down.  From this you can see how the support material in purple works to support the model material in black. We orientate the model in the most economical way in order that we minimize the cost of the support material.



How Much Does 3D Printing Cost

At Slice3D we offer two different resolutions, medium resolution at 28 microns and an ultra fine resolution at 16 micron layer thickness. The material costs for model fig: 1 above, would be exactly the same printed in fine resolution or in medium resolution, what does change in this instance is the time it takes to print in the different resolutions, the difference between the time to print in medium as opposed to printing in fine is approximately twice as fast. The longer the print time the higher the cost. And the higher the quality of finish. In either resolution a great finish is achieved.

One other variant in cost that we have to apply is the type of material you would like your model printing with, the more exotic materials like our Tango black rubber or the Polypropylene  mimic material, have a slightly higher base cost.

The good news is

We do not charge for cleaning your models like others do. We offer friendly free advice on design and material choice also we analyse every file we receive, to check it for print ability and try to fix as many faults as we can. Packaging and post is included in the price we quote, and at present you don’t have to pay V.A.T  either;  How good is that!


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