Examples of 3D printed models

The 3D printed models featured below are a great example of just what can be achieved using 3d printing as a way to produce a prototype.

Many shapes and sizes can be printed from large models down to tiny,tiny items, so small they are difficult to pick up.

All 3d printed models have the same surface finish, regardless of size and shape, so accurate that two halves of a part can be printed on two separate print beds and fit perfectly together.

Customers that use 3d printing save a lot of time and money developing prototype parts as the process allows them to make changes on the fly to their design and print again in a very short space of time. If you were to consider for a moment the alternative way of making a 3d part using say, injection moulding as a process, a starting cost for a mould is around £7000 if changes are required as they very often are,an alteration to the mould would be necessary, the problem is this is not always possible and a new mould would have to be produced. Already you are into thousands of pounds. If you were to compare the same model to the same printed on a 3d printer the price does not come close, £140.00 would be our estimate for the 3d printed models in question. 

Something thing you may need to consider when 3d printing models is which material to use. Many materials are on offer when using the polyjet system printer, ranging from what are referred to as rigid materials all the way though to plastic flex materials and rubber type mimics.

It is our considered opinion that 3d printed models save time and the most important 3d printed models saves you lot’s of money.

Please take a moment to take a look at the gallery of example 3d printed models we have printed.


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